What to do with that last, fat, lobster claw.


Last evening my husband and I were lucky enough to have a lovely feed of lobster.  So much fun, sitting outside, up to our elbows in lobster bits and melted butter.  The freedom of eating outside tends to lend itself, or at least in our cases to extra messiness and I’m pretty sure the lobster tasted all the better for it.   We  happily jammed those delicious butter soaked morsels of tender lobster meat into our maws until we could take no more and as we finally looked up realized that there was yet one lonely lobster claw that had managed to escape our savagery.  Now as we all know, no lobster shall go uneaten, it’s an unwritten law or something, but just one claw, what to do?  “I know, I’ll make us a lobster benedict for breakfast”, I said and, true to my word that is just what I did!  I made eggs benedict as I normally do with toasted bread layered with bacon and then a poached egg, but I mixed the chopped lobster meat into the lemony hollandaise sauce and voila!  Lobster Benedict!  It was very yummy and very rich so be warned, you don’t need much to be sated.  Just a nice subtle lobster flavour to accompany all the other goodies of an Eggs Benedict, a nice ‘once in a while’ treat!

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