Left over Bearnaise sauce?


Last evening I cooked a big roast beef dinner for my oldest son who just turned 33.  His favourite meal is prime rib with yorkshires, potatoes, gravy, and all the trimmings, for me this has to include bearnaise sauce.  Quite frankly I consider things  like roast beef and vegetables  really just vehicles  for bearnaise sauce, I love this stuff!  Of course a constant diet is a sure fire way to clogged arteries, but what a way to go!  Anyway, after we all feasted to bursting on my son’s birthday dinner, I found  myself  with a considerably large amount of leftover bearnaise sauce, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it in the compost, I was quite sure that I could find a good use for it the next day.  So Monday morning’s breakfast went something like this; I sliced a croissant in half horizontally and threw it in the toaster to brown, meanwhile microwaving 4 strips of bacon and poaching two eggs.  Then I went for my prize, my beloved bearnaise sauce.  A minute in the microwave to reheat and voila!  Lay out the toasted halves of the croissant, top with two strips of bacon  and one poached egg per half and then dollop ridiculous amounts of that beautiful buttery, tarragony sauce over the works and finish with a couple of grinds of pepper, OMG, so delicious!  Just as a note, this is unbelievably rich and unless you haven’t eaten for a few days, a half portion of this per person should be more than enough.  I’m sure there are millions of ways to use up your leftover bearnaise, but this one was mighty tasty!

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