Baked Fish, and no, not the boring kind.



Sorry folks, I haven’t been blogging much lately as I’m knee deep in a major kitchen renovation, it should give me lots to talk about in future posts but for now I would like to share with you my favourite baked fish recipe.  I’ve been making this one forever and there is a dispute between my husband and me where it actually originated.  I think we were first served it by his Dad’s wife, and he thinks his aunt fed it to us on our honeymoon (almost 34 years ago, boy am I old!, but I digress)  Anyway, not being a big lover of baked fish I was really happy to finally stumble upon a recipe that is really delicious and incredibly simple.  I like to serve this one with boiled  lemon butter potatoes, or a mashed mix of carrots and potatoes or mashed turnip and potatoes, all seasoned with lots of butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper and of course some cream.  Anyway the recipe goes like this:

Fish Fillets in Cream

1 lb. of fresh white flaky fish, I use cod or haddock (you can also use frozen fillets here, just make sure to thaw  and rinse first.)

1/2 cup of half and half

2 cups of crushed saltines

2 tbsp. of melted butter

1 tbsp. of fresh minced onion

1 tbps. of freshly chopped parsley

Preheat oven to 350 F.  Lay fish out in a single layer in a baking dish, pour over half and half.  In a small pot melt butter,  stir in crushed saltines, minced onion, and parsley, mix well, sprinkle this over fish.  Bake for 30 minutes until golden on top.  Serve hot.

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