Pasta – a fun afternoon for you and a loved one.


Homemade pasta, I used to cringe at the thought, turns out it’s pretty darn simple and it can be fun too!  My husband loves to make pasta, so a couple of weeks back we set to making some homemade ravioli, he made the pasta, and I made the filling and we took turns rolling the dough through the pasta maker and filling the ravioli’s, we had a lot of fun doing it and ended up with three meals worth of ravioli’s, so a big win all way round!  Making your own pasta is more than delicious, you get a great sense of accomplishment and it’s light years better than dried pasta.  The recipe is very easy: into the bowl of a food processor with regular blade add 1 cup of white flour, 1 cup of semolina flour,  2 large eggs, 1 tbsp. of olive oil, 1 tsp. salt and you may need a little water to bring it together, pulse it and if it seems too dry, add a little water.  Form it into a ball, wrap it in cling wrap and let rest for an hour or so.  Cut into 6 portions, flour and feed 1 portion at a time through the pasta maker starting on the biggest gap and gradually working your way to the smallest.  You can cut these sheets into any shape you wish on a floured surface, as I said we made ravioli’s and filled them with  a squash mixture of roasted squash, butter, a shallot, a little cream, thyme, parmesan cheese and salt and pepper all cooked down to make a smooth creamy filling.  Brush the edges of the ravioli’s with egg wash and press with a fork  to make sure your filling doesn’t leak out, throw into a pot of boiling salted water to cook.  When they float to the top they’re done, from there you can add whatever sauce you like or just drizzle a little olive oil over and sprinkle with pepper and parmesan cheese, it’s really your call.  This turned out to be a really fun afternoon for my husband and me  with a mouth watering reward at the end, I hope you give it a try with someone you love.



2 thoughts on “Pasta – a fun afternoon for you and a loved one.

  1. You have a magical way with recipes my dear. But as you said, I am the pasta-masta and I wanted to offer one observation. The dough mixture in the food processor wants to look like coarse sand that you can roll into a firm ball. Ok. I’ll shut up now. Love you Honey! What’s for supper tomorrow?

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