Steak and Pancakes – Take One


While watching a popular food show on TV the other day I was inspired by something I saw, I don’t quite remember what it was, because at that moment I was hit with a revelation.  Knowing that we were going to be having steak for dinner the next day, I thought, instead of the tired old baked potato with sour cream, why not a potato pancake?  Now you will have to forgive me, I tend to think about food constantly, not in a I have to eat it constantly kind of way, but in a what can I cook kind of way?  I once heard that you must be French if, when you’re not eating or cooking, you’re thinking about about eating or cooking, so rather than think of myself as obsessive, I like to think of myself as French.  (You’re buying this right?)  Anyway, my reasoning regarding the pancakes was, you put sour cream on your potato latkes, so why not a potato pancake to go with your steak  just to make life a little more interesting?  I didn’t want the usual latke which I’ve made a million times and do love, I wanted something a little fluffier, more hardy if you will.  I baked the potatoes ahead of time (for latkes you usually use grated raw potato) scooped out the innards and to this I added salt, pepper, minced garlic, chopped chives, an egg and some flour.  I pan fried these until they were golden brown and set them on paper towel to drain.  They certainly were tasty, but I was not quite happy with the texture in the centre, a little too gluey in my opinion, so it’s back to the drawing board.  I won’t give up as the flavour was good, and I will eventually get there with some trial and error, ask my husband, I usually get what I want ;).

The dinner was still very good, I served the steak with Ina Garten’s basil mayonaisse, which was yummy.  I won’t post her recipe as I would probably get sued for some copywrite infringement or something, but I’m sure you could find it on her website.  Anyway, that’s what cooking is all about, trying out new things, making some mistakes, but sometimes stumbling on something incredible.  Hopefully your successes will outweigh your failures.


4 thoughts on “Steak and Pancakes – Take One

  1. They weren’t gluey really. I thought they were great. They tasted exactly like baked potato. And you don’t give yourself enough credit for the aioli, it was amazing. Ina Garten may have suggested it, but you made it better.
    3 thumbs up.

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