okay, so as a kid, I ate pretty “plain jane” food, meat and potatoes and the meat was cooked within an inch of it’s life.  Most of this was done to accomodate my Dad’s (who I love dearly) taste.  I hadn’t even eaten a mushroom until I was in my teens!  Then I met the love of my life and he introduced me to, firstly, a honeydew melon (gasp!) and then, brace yourselves, bagels and cream cheese!  This gives you a little bit of an idea how ridiculous my food education was until the age of about 15.  Now I try to sample at least one or two new things every year, you won’t find any recipes on this site that include brains or tripe or sweet breads but I will try and keep you salivating with delicious old and new dishes, so I hope you will follow along and enjoy the meal!

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    • let me work up to it Louise, lol! I just spent all day developing the recipe, writing the blog and cooking the pies (I will have to reheat when it’s actually dinner time) More work than I considered.

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